Monday, May 26, 2008

Summah Summah Summah Time.

Following my discovery of the mantra "Life is not as serious as my mind makes it out to be," I got to thinking about a summer-time happening that many a women dread many months in advance...the bathing suit. Shopping for bikinis, tankinis and one pieces is one thing, actually trying them on and finding one that is acceptable (and if you're lucky, fabulous) can be a trying experience. Add an insulin pump into the mix, and the experience may find you wondering if sweatpants could pass as acceptable beach wear.

So my friend from high school who basically taught me everything about being a fabulous diabetic before I even had diabetes sent me a message recently that got me thinking. In the past, I have gone through every effort trying to hide my insulin pump/site under a bikini. Seriously, trying to hide it under a piece of fabric the size of a dish towel or smaller. How INSANE! I've only worn the OmniPod once under a bikini and it resulted in water slide disaster 2007. Clearly, I'm ready for a fresh start with my swimwear.

So in keeping up with the idea that nothing is as serious as it appears in my mind, why not wear my pod where ever the heck I feel like it? Not to be corny, but isn't hiding my insulin pump really hiding a part of who I am? When my doctor and I first began discussing the option of switching to OmniPod, he told me a story about this woman he saw at a Red Sox game. He said he noticed her because she was wearing a midriff baring top and had some serious abs but what really struck him was that she had her Pod stuck smack dab on those rockin' abs for the world to see. I thought, WOW, nice thought but not for me.

I know it's a lot harder to actually do it but honestly, why do we hide it? The thing is, I know there are women out there who possess the self-confidence to wear tight, revealing clothes with their pump and I've never been one of them. I've decided that I am going to work up the GUTS to wear my insulin pump and "let it all hang out," so to speak. And when I start to chicken out, all I have to do is scan the beach and I'll be sure to find some wrinkly, orange-glo woman in her metallic gold thong...and that will be all the assurance I need that no one really cares if my pump is showing.

I'm pretty fired up about this whole bathing suit thing and I realize that this theory is a whole lot of talk at the moment so what I really need is your feedback. I know that myself and my friend Erin could definitely use a pep-talk from one of you ladies who bares their betes on the beach. It may seem silly but I know to some of us T1 ladies, this can be really traumatizing and difficult to deal with. Let me know what you think, what your experiences are.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Perez Hilton gives a Shout Out to T1!!!!

I have to confess that is one of my guilty pleasures. He posts different charities on his website each day and today is OUR day! FINALLY! Check it out, Perez gets MILLIONS of hits every day..Let's hope that it translates into millions of donations!

YAYYYY. BTW, Nick Jonas is an OmniPod user and you can see his testimonial on their website ( Also, check out the comments people wrote...prettyyyy cool!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Eckert Tolle's A New Earth: Awakening to your Life's Purpose!

There has been a lot going on in my life lately, me being a college graduate, grown up, real person now. With all this change in my life, there has also been a lot of stress both the good kind and the bad kind. Now normally, I am not one to believe in any kind of new age, spiritual, deep thinking because it tends to leave me confused and far from enlightened. However, I do believe wholeheartedly in the power of OPRAH. However silly it may seem, if Oprah says this book is weird/bad/scary can it be? It turns out my timing could not have been more perfect. With all the options and decisions before me, I am basically on a terrifying, exciting, gut wrenching roller coaster ride of possibilities and emotions.

To my own shock, I'm halfway through the book and I've already had some enlightening moments especially in regards to diabetes. There was one line, that is officially my new mantra. As a person who struggles with anxiety almost daily...this was an instant where I felt like I had found the answer to my problems. Here it is:
I'm not going to comment on it any further...I just want you to stew. haha.

Ok so second moment. Basically, the entire book is about ego and how it affects all of humanity, what it means, and what the heck it is. The author was discussing when a major tragedy occurs in someone's life and how people either react negatively or positively. As I read this, I found myself thinking about tragic loss in my own life. It might sound weird but I consider the death of my functioning pancreas a loss, but certainly not a tragic one by any standards. When I was diagnosed, it was almost like a relief came over me. The author discussed the fact that if you open yourself up after a loss and let a little sunshine allow coincidence to occur. Now this is a more complicated englightened moment to explain..because it makes sense in my head, but not so much on paper. This is important to remember in those moments where diabetes just plain pisses me off. Or in those rare occasions where I may feel a little sorry for myself. Accepting your dysfunctional pancreas, realizing the opportunities it can create and moving forward creates coincidences...and coincidences are pretty cool in my opinion.

Lastly, there was a section on body awareness that I found really interesting. The author suggests taking a moment each day to feel your hands, followed by your feet and the rest of your body. I tried this...and I felt relaxed. I just laid there, felt my hands tingle, then my feet and opened my eyes and had a little bit of a zen moment. COOL.

Ok so I'm going to continue reading and I highly suggest you read this book. I ran upstairs after I finished the few couple sections and woke up my mom and said I GET IT, IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW! It was such a cool feeling, I even cried as I was reading it. GO OPRAH!