Sunday, June 22, 2008

Chapter 13 of the Encyclopedia of Awkward Diabetes Moments: "The Trauma Surgeon"

Last week was my 22nd birthday and so naturally, this occasion called for a few nights out and a few pink drinks. This of course resulted in numerous awkward bar conversations and hilarious happenings. However, I have to give the grand prize for the GREATEST bar conversation to my friend the "trauma surgeon" at Foundation Lounge. Now those of you reading may be thinking that this has nothing to do with diabetes...but trust me, it does.

So my friend and I are sitting on a couch, pink cosmos in hand, chatting and trying our best not to make fun of EVERY single person that walked by. Suddenly, there were two fellows sitting on either side of us. My first though, not the cutest in the bunch but he mentioned that he was a doctor so I thought FREE COSMOS! (very shallow and bitchy of me, but hey, it was my birthday). So we're chatting and he's a surgeon so naturally I mentioned the big D word. Here's where the hilariousness sets I tell him I'm diabetic and he immediately glances to the cosmo in front of me. I'm like great, another person who is going to criticize me because I enjoy a good martini. Then he says "Oh what's your hemoglobin A1C?" And I laughed and he said "I thought you'd be impressed by me asking that."

I will admit, I would have been impressed if he wasn't a FRICKEN DOCTOR and if the answer to that question didn't haunt me on a daily basis. So I sheepishly answered "8." His face immediately twisted into a horrified, eyes popping out of his head look and replied
"That's REALLY bad."

At this point, I'm thinkin' a lot of different things. First, I thought...ok he's been through about 10 years worth of school and still is a complete moron. Second, when will guys ever understand that insulting a girl is not the way to her heart? My third thought actually came flying out of my mouth..."Well guess what a-hole, last time I checked you weren't a diabetes specialist and for all I know, you probably aren't even a real doctor." He then proceeded to try and make it up to me by buying my friend and I another cosmo...which would have been fine if he didn't stick his foot in his mouth again by saying after "I bought that for you because I know you can't afford it.
Add this story to the book of awkward, enraging, ignorant yet sort of hilarious diabetes encounters. Hope you all enjoyed it!

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The Rambling Dragon said...

Just wanted to say that I got such a kick out of this post! Thanks so much. I've been a T1 diabetic for about 8 years now, on an Animas pump for the last 4 years. It still amazes me how people can be so ignorant sometimes. It took me almost 2 years after I was diagnosed to get my mother to understand that she didn't have to make "special" food just for me and to stop asking me "Can you eat that?" People have these misconceptions about what it means to have diabetes, and unfortunately, the more ignorant ones tend to voice those misconceptions louder than others....

Love the blog, by the way. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that has trouble focusing on the "proper" diabetes management practices. I sometimes tell my endo that I have Diabetes ADHD. He's usually not amused by that.