Thursday, March 15, 2012

Super Freak

So remember on Sex & the City when Carrie talks about “single-self behaviors” that you do when your significant other isn’t around. Well, I realized this morning that I have some “diabetic-self behaviors” that could potentially be viewed as weird and perhaps a little gross. For example, I am not the type to carry around gauze or alcohol wipes for my fingers after I prick them to test. Although I realize I am not and never will be a vampire or a character on True Blood, I find it’s much more convenient to just lick the blood off my finger and keep movin’ with my day.

I also discovered while changing my pod what I would like to call “doing the nerve.” Hitting a nerve while changing your pump site feels like a lovely combination of being punched in the stomach while having a bee sting you – my response is a dance that is a combination of foot stomping and shimmying my shoulders. It’s all quite graceful I can assure you.

I think everyone has secret behaviors that make them tick – but some of mine that are particular to how I deal with the everyday management of my diabetes are especially laughable because they are my ways of “cutting corners” so to speak. Like how I let my diabetes bag fill with used test strips because it’s a lazy habit that’s easier than always finding a trash can (and without fail, it always dumps out in the bottom of my purse). Or how I undoubtedly throw/drop/lose the plastic straw wrapper from my juicy juice when I’m low and find millions of them in my office/car/apartment/purse/bed/kitchen. Even better is waking up with fruit snacks or granola bar in your hair or under your pillow from a middle-of-the-night low BG.

I laugh at myself when I go to the supermarket and buy small bottles of juice rather than juice boxes. Why you ask? Well, because I think it looks much more grown-up and sophisticated to drink a mini-bottle of juicy-juice rather than slurping through a straw. Duh.

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