Monday, March 5, 2012

Is g-free the way to be?

Are gluten-free products a waste for those without Celiac's?

A few years back (before it was the cool thing to do), I cut wheat and gluten from my diet. At the time, there was not a rapidly expanding selection of wheat and gluten free foods and it was challenging to find yummy, not outrageously expensive foods to eat. I chose to eat this way because I found I felt better on a multitude of levels – including how it affects my diabetes care. I am a huge fan of mixing gluten-free choices into my diet – especially because I am a bread-a-holic.

I have never had a sweet tooth – cookies, cupcakes, ice cream and brownies make my stomach churn before I even take the first bite. We’ll skip the conversation about how ironic this is given I was diagnosed with T-1 and save those jokes for later. However, I’ve been known to stage grocery store interventions to treat my addiction to all things bread. I literally stand in the aisle and silently compromise with myself while trying not to freak out the other customers in the bread section. Forget chocoholicism, an egg sandwich on a bagel or a slice of pizza is bliss (could I be more of a New Yorker?!). And according to the latest news, maybe there are no actual benefits to my choosing to eat gluten-free breads, granola bars & chips but I certainly feel better than I do when I choose the alternative. Maybe it’s the placebo effect – where I’ve trained my mind and therefore my body into believing that gluten-free is the solution to my bodily function woes. Don’t get me wrong – my g-free, healthy diet is often undermined by that tiny, restaurant devil that stands on my shoulder and shouts “me want gluten!” And I am lucky enough at this point that I don’t have to monitor every little morsel that goes into my mouth – I have T-1 friends with celiac’s and I give them so much credit for managing the two.

Essentially, I feel lighter, less lethargic and in better control of my blood sugars when I eat g-free. Apparently, it’s also really in vogue according to diet trends – I was so ahead of my time, who knew? So maybe its guilt or I’m just a complete whack job – but I feel healthier when I make the conscious choice to buy Food Should Taste Good® Jalapeno Chips instead of the numerous other naughty alternatives.

P.S. I should get a job, start a fan club or buy stock in Food Should Taste Good® because I am actually infatuated with all of their products. Buy them here, you will not regret it (And if you do, send them to my office or house and I will help you resolve the issue)

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