Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Mary Poppins of Diabetes

If you are a chick with T-1 – I’ll bet a million dollars that your purse is so large that it resembles carry-on luggage. If you happen to be a family member or friend of mine – chances are I’ve asked you to hold my purse so that I could test, bolus or check my CGM and you are most likely still in physical therapy for the muscle strain that occurred. My bad for not telling you to lift with your knees instead of your back!

When I leave my apartment, I generally do a checklist in my head of all the possible diabetes situations that could occur while I am out in the wild. Do I have enough juice and glucose tabs in case I have multiple lows? What if my pod malfunctions? Did I remember to even put my g-damn pod in my purse? Do I have test strips? Where is my CGM? Is it charged? Should I bring snacks in case I morph into a hungry/cranky diabetic? The list goes on and on…and by the time I actually get out the door I have a very heavy arsenal of supplies in my purse. I see girls carrying small wristlets and clutches as their ONLY bag and laugh at how I fit at least two of those in my purse everyday just to keep my diabetes schtuff organized. I have a magical purse similar to Mary Poppins – sometimes I worry about falling in it and never being able to find my way out.

Since I am the MacGyver of diabetes – I decided for this post I would do a fun(ny) inventory of what is currently in my bag. Surprisingly, today was not too strange of a day in the world of purse contents. The contents include: my wallet (which is actually a wristlet and therefore contains entirely too many coupons/membership cards), 5 pods in two different pockets, 5 lipglosses, 1 jar of glucose tabs, 2 juice boxes, a vial of Novolog, a book of stamps, my checkbook, approx. 50 used test strips that have fallen to the bottom of my purse, a smushed granola bar, a wristlet containing my OmniPod, Test Strips and Lancet, a glucagon pen, a moleskin notebook, sparkly gel pen, a few sets of keys that I'm not sure who/where they belong to, my cell phone, my DexCom, sunglasses, post-it notes to myself, a pack of sugar-free gum, Advil, car keys and finally about 10 bobby pins/ hair ties in every pocket.

So now that you think I’m a hoarder who lives in my purse – I will leave you with this:

At least I don’t carry pictures of my cat. The End.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Queen of Bee-tes,

I think I broke my pinky while holding your bag for you once. Mayhaps you could write a letter to your insurance company advocating for them to cover weekly back massages (preferably at a Newbury St. spa) as your Mary Poppins bag-related shoulder and back pain is a T-1 chickie side effect...