Friday, April 27, 2012

So you had a bad day.

Lately, I’ve been reflecting on sources of strength – where do you turn or what do you turn to in difficult times? Or in more simple terms, how do I make it through days where diabetes is forcing me to have a terrible, no good, very bad day? Like the days where my body plays tricks on me and I feel low but in fact, I’m just a normal gal (according to my blood sugars anyway). There are days where I don’t feel well and I just plain and simple don’t have a choice but to deal with it. There are days when technology fails at the most inconvenient times and I am one sad, stressed out robot. I have to admit it’s these days that I truly feel the burden of living with diabetes and I loathe all of my pancreases even the plastic, wireless one that I usually find so nifty. So, how do you pull yourself up by the boot straps and get through the days, weeks, months, years? Survival mode to me is like a retroactive time machine – so what does that mean?

Often coping means checking-in with my team of experts: me, myself and I. I think to myself, how can I better this bad situation and calm my anxieties? How have I dealt with this in the past? I call this (as of 30 seconds ago) the “Destiny’s Child” method because it is intended to be powerful – imagine that your brain is dressed up in camouflage dancing beside Beyonce in the “Survivor” video and tell me that doesn’t empower you to get through a crap day. Yes – I can call, text, email or visit with friends and family but I’ve learned that while that coping mechanism gives me the “warm and fuzzies”– it is uber rewarding to pull from deep down in your guts and find inner strength to cope and then enjoy the sense of pride for what you’ve accomplished. Even if you didn’t really “accomplish” anything in the traditional sense, sometimes the feeling that you survived is enough to make you smile. And when that doesn’t work, there’s always malbec and cute animal videos on youtube.

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Yay for inner strength!